BIRTH: January 30, 1994

DEATH: September 24, 2009

Derrion Albert ~ Age 15

The murder of Derrion Albert occurred on September 24, 2009, near Christian Fenger Academy High School, on Chicago’s South Side. Born in 1993, Albert, 16, was a junior honors student at the school.

Reports and video indicate that Albert was unintentionally caught in a fight between gangs from two neighborhoods, Altgeld Gardens and The Ville.His death occurred after he was brutally beaten by several boys with pieces of a railroad tie.Police initially arrested four individuals, Silvonus Shannon, Eric Carson, Eugene Riley, and Eugene Bailey, who were charged with first-degree murder.Charges were later dropped against Bailey after further investigations.

The amateur video footage of the beating, obtained by Chicago television station WFLD, was widely broadcast in both traditional and online media.Largely resulting from the widespread circulation of this video, the story attracted much national attention within the United States, leading President Barack Obama to send U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to Chicago to discuss youth violence with Mayor Richard M. Daley.

These teens are shown on the tape beating, punching and stomping Albert. At one point, one of the accused is caught on tape striking Albert in the head. The teens also were shown jumping up and down on Albert’s head as if they were performing a “Smackdown” wrestling stunt.



Swift Albert verdict should be a warning

 32 Years For Last Derrion Albert Killer


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