BIRTH: September 23, 1976

DEATH: March 17, 1994

Nicholas Allemenos ~ Age 17

BIRTH: May 29, 1980

DEATH: March 17, 1994

Lisa Allemenos ~ Age 13

Ajabu, James Walls and Raymond Adams were convicted in the murders of Nick Allemenos, 17, his sister Lisa, 13 and family friend Chris James, 23, in the Allemenos home. James was staying with the kids while their father was on a golf vacation.

Testimony indicated that Adams had been to the Allemenos house a day or two earlier before the murders. He was impressed by the affluence he saw there and returned later with Walls and Ajabu to rob the place. Testimony in the trials indicated the victims were bound with duct tape and their throats were slashed. Testimony strongly indicated that Adams was the one who did the slashing.


Mixed Signals

Ajabu may sue over punishment



  1. Lisa and Nick 18 years later you are still missed and thought of every day! Your memories live on in those of us left behind. I still remember the day I found out about your passing…sitting in class at Carmel Junior High. One day we will meet again…until then our angels guide and protect us please.

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