BIRTH: January 31, 1978

DEATH: December 6, 1991

Amy Leigh Ayers ~ Age 13

The bodies of four teenage girls were lying on the floor of “I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt” shop. The girls were naked, bound with their own clothes and shot in the head. Firefighters realized they’d come across much more than just a fire.

The girls were identified as 13-year-old Amy Ayers, 17-year-old Eliza Thomas, 17-year-old Jennifer Harbison and her 15-year-old sister Sarah Harbison. Eliza and Jennifer worked at the shop and had been there all night. Amy and Sarah were there to help the girls close up. Police say they believe the killers forced the girls to remove their clothes and then used the clothes to bound and gag them. Then, one-by-one, each girl was shot in the head with a .22-caliber gun. Autopsy reports indicated that Amy was shot twice in the head, once with a .22-caliber and once with a .380-caliber.   

The killers stacked Eliza, Jennifer and Sarah in a pile, poured some sort of accelerant on them and lit them on fire before fleeing the scene. Amy was found a few feet away from the other girls.


Justice for the innocent


America’s Most Wanted


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