BIRTH: August 17, 2002

DEATH: July 23, 2009

Dae'von Bailey ~ Age 6

Dae’von was killed by his mother’s former boyfriend.  Dae’von was living with the ex-boyfriend because his 28-year-old mother “was going through things” and parceled out her six children to friends and relatives.

In the months before he died, Dae’von told adults at school that Fisher had punched him in the stomach and slammed his head into a bathroom sink. He repeated the complaints to social workers who interviewed him and to medical professionals who examined him for injuries. But he was sent back twice to his violent home.

Dae’von had injuries over his body that suggested blows or other trauma over an extended period of time and his battered body was found on the floor of the home.


Dae’von Bailey: A small voice that got lost

Boy beaten to death was the subject of a dozen calls to L.A. County abuse hotline

Nurse told social worker she feared Dae’von Bailey was being abused

Man Who Beat Dae’von Bailey to Death Gets 25 Years to Life



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