BIRTH: February 1, 2005

DEATH: December 28, 2008

Dillion R. Bahorski ~ Age 3

Dillion was beat to death by his mother’s boyfriend while she was at work. His 5 year old brother, Jordan, witnessed the beating in Dillion’s bedroom. According to the 5 year old’s account he walked into the bedroom, after hearing his little brother screaming, to the boyfriend stomping on Dillion’s ankle’s and spanking his brother.

The boyfriend hit and kicked the 3 year old and he died from the injuries. Some of the injuries included severe brain trauma, a skull fracture and contusions to his body and also suffered significant bruising and swelling of the exterior sides of both ankles, according to court documents. 

Dillion’s mother arrived home the next morning from work and found her 3 year old son half dead and severely beaten and immediately called police.

Dillon was kept on life-support until his organs could be donated but he died from severe brain trauma, a skull fracture and contusions to his body.

After two years of waiting for trial this was over pretty quickly; the killer was found guilty.


Updated – Javier Barker Accused of Stomping a Three-Year-Old to Death

A man accused of beating a child to death was beaten himself in court



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