BIRTH: 1982

DEATH: March 5, 1996

Krystal Baker ~ Age 13

Krystal, 13, disappeared from a convenience store in Texas City where she used the phone in hopes for a ride to a friends house in Bayou Vista, which is a short distance from there. Her body was found a few hours later under the I-10 bridge over the Trinity River in Chambers County. She had been strangled, beaten, sexually assaulted, and killed by ligature strangulation. Her face had been badly beaten.

Her case was a cold case for 14 years. The person that murdered and raped Krystal was arrested due to a DNA match in 2010.

Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jean Baker, was Krystal’s great aunt.


Welder arrested in 1996 killing of Texas City girl

DNA links man to teen’s 1996 slaying

Arrest Made in Krystal Jean Baker Murder

Man Arrested in 1996 Murder of Texas Teen



3 thoughts on “KRYSTAL JEAN BAKER

  1. That girl was not in any way related to Marilyn. They’re basing it on the fact that the girl’s last name is Baker; however, Marilyn Monroe was not biologically related to the Baker family at all.

    Marilyn’s mother Gladys was married to Jasper Baker before Marilyn was born. She had two children with him before they divorced and he ran off to Kentucky. Marilyn’s father is likely C. Stanley Gifford, her birth certificate reads Mortenson, however, little Norma Jeane was enrolled in school with the name Baker because Gladys hoped that someday she would have all three of her children under the same roof and wanted them to have the same last name.

    Marilyn’s brother died as a child, and Marilyn’s sister Berniece Baker Miracle only had one daughter, Mona Rae Miracle, who now lives in North Carolina.

    I’m sorry for what happened to Krystal Jean Baker, but the fact is, there is zero chance that she was related to Marilyn Monroe at all.

  2. Krystal Jean’s great aunt was Berniece Baker (1919- ) who married Paris Miracle in 1938. Bernice’s father was Krystal’s Great Grandfather. His name was Jasper Baker 1886-1951. Another way to think of Krystal and Berniece’s relationship is that Bernice was half sister to Krystal’s grandfather. Jasper, after divorcing Gladys Monroe, married an older woman, a widow, Maggie née Hunter (who had been married to Clark Mills) and they apparently had a son who married a Miss Leathers, and it was their son Johnny Dale Baker, who was Krystal’s father. Half sisters, Berniece and Marilyn were not informed of each other until almost 1940 but after that maintained a relationship until Marilyn’s death in 1962. They were sisters so by association it is easy to conclude that Marilyn would be considered a great aunt too. (Technically grand aunts but many families for some reason call grand aunts, who are siblings of grandparents, great aunts). I put this out in hopes someone can enlighten me with the actual facts. Krystal was as beautiful as her two grand aunts..Berniece and Marilyn were equally beautiful and very much alike in appearance, though Marilyn was quite taller,

    • Hi Susan,

      How did you connect Johnny Dale Baker to Jasper Baker? He only shows on Ancestry of having two blood Children (Bernice & Jasper). Jasper died young with no children. It would have to have been a child with Maggie and no Census Records show proof of this.

      If there is a connection it is more likely Krystal was related to a sibling of Jasper Newton Baker. Just curious thanks. Also I have Johnny’s parents as Cleon Baker & Doris Holmes.

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