BIRTH: 1976

DEATH: May 28, 1992

Shannon Aumock ~ Age 16

After 19 years of being a Jane Doe, she now has a name… Shannon Aumock was 16 years old when she was brutally murdered in 1992 and her body was found in a remote desert area. She spent 19 years without a name and buried in a cemetery for the poor.

Shannon Aumock, who was classified as a “throwaway child” who lived her life adopted, as a foster child under Child Protective Services and as a chronic runaway finally is at rest with her true name.

What got the attention of the missing person detectives about Shannon’s case, that they began investigating last fall, is that she was brutally murdered and no one called to report her missing.

Her death is still unsolved.


Jane Doe Identified, Exhumed from Tempe Cemetery

El Mirage funeral held for 16-year-old girl killed in 1992



One thought on “SHANNON AUMOCK

  1. They just arrested a bryan miller for bruttally murdering 2 girls 22 years ago. I wonder if hes the same the murdered shannon and Brandy Myers .

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