BIRTH: June 5, 1977

DEATH: September 25, 1982

Ursula Sunshine Assaid ~ Age 5

Ursula Assaid, 5 years old, was abused and killed at the hands of her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. She was tortured for more than 55 hours. Eighty-nine people knew something was wrong but didn’t do anything. All of the neighbors could see the child standing under the tree in the back yard for hours and hours, day after day. The one day she attended school in her last week, she clung to her teacher’s legs, too exhausted to play.

Her tiny and broken body was stuffed in a duffel bag and tied with weights. It was found in a retention pond near Assaid’s home after her mother told authorities in California of the death when her boyfriend threatened to leave her.

Her middle name, Sunshine, is so fitting for this little angel.


Authors Detail The Abuse That Killed Ursula Assaid (GRAPHIC)

Ursula Assaid’s Killer Found Dead In Prison

Ursula Sunshine Assaid



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