BIRTH: June 25, 2008

DEATH: April 2, 2010

Rubie Ann Boland ~ Age 22 Months

Rubie, 22 months, was being watched at her home by her mother’s boyfriend while her mother was at work on April 1, 2010.

While he was watching Rubie, he picked the toddler up by the feet, shook her and slammed her head against the floor repeatedly, apparently because he was having a bad day. Rubie was pronounced brain-dead and removed from life support the next day.

Rubie, 22 months, “used the bathroom on herself” and the boyfriend basically snapped. The murderer explained “in his own words,” that he was simply “having a bad day.”

He kept saying that he got mad at the pants. When asked why he would get mad like that he used the excuse that it was because he was high on weed at the time. Apparently he was saying that being high on weed caused him to hit the baby’s head on the floor five times.

Doctors at Ochsner Foundation Hospital in Jefferson later found injuries to Rubie’s brain and retina as well as bruising on the top of her head and on her feet, indicating “cruel and unusual trauma, ” according to St. Tammany Coroner Peter Galvan. Then, the coroner’s office later concurred, finding severe brain injuries and bruising consistent with shaken baby syndrome, and ruled the death a homicide.

The boyfriend told deputies that Rubie had fallen off the couch and onto the floor. After the autopsy was performed, he was brought in for further questioning and admitted to violently shaking the child.

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain said, “It’s not simply Shaken Baby Syndrome that killed this child, but a violent attack.”


Suspect in toddler’s slaying is solemn during jailhouse court hearing

Mississippi man indicted in death of St. Tammany Parish toddler

Father of slain child speaks out

Man Found Guilty of 2010 Murder of Girlfriend’s 22 Month Old Daughter, Rubie Boland



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