BIRTH: 1983

DEATH: February 15, 1994

Lashonna Bates ~ Age 11

Lashonna, 11, went missing while waiting for her school bus with friends. Lashonna lived a life of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse her entire life at the hands of her mother and step-father. At the beginning of her disappearance it was assumed that her step-father had something to do it it.

Nearly two months after she disappeared her body was found in a wooded area by a man named Charles Daugherty. He confessed that he had kidnapped, repeatedly raped, and smashed her skull with a rock when she resisted his rape attempts.

UPDATE: In 2002 a judge dismissed the charges against Charles Daughtery saying he was mentally retarded and didn’t understand his rights.

As of today, Lashonna’s case remain unsolved.


Young victim of unsolved Indianapolis murder

Lashonna Bates, murder victim in Indianapolis

Protect the Kids

Lashonna Bates’ Story

LaShonna Bates Aquatic Center



4 thoughts on “LASHONNA BATES

  1. Love my sister that I never met before only if yea did not take her from me I would of know her and got a change to be with her but I see it was not meant for me to see my one and only sister on my daddy side but I love her and I know she always wonted another sister anyways are I would not be here right now but I know she will always be here and my heart….And by my side when i’m sleep are walking to the bus….p.s. LOVE YOU MY SISTER.

  2. This one actually hits home for me. My parents had involvement with Lashonna’s older sister, of whom I will not give names. We were actually the family that fostered Lashonna’s niece for the up most of five years and we were involved with the family when Lashonna’s kidnapping and murder occurred. Maybe that is why I am shocked that someone outside of Indianapolis would know about her case. We dedicated a pool there in Indianapolis to Lashonna’s memory. It is rightfully called the Lashonna Bates pool. Don’t worry sweet Angel, we WILL bring you justice! Love you Lashonna darling! Know that yes all of your family loves and misses you, they will be with you soon.

  3. Love you my dear sister I wish we got to meet but they toke you from me to soon but I kn you is in a Better place. Daddy said we look alike and we do. But I love you so much. Why yall do this to my sister crying.. 😥

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