BIRTH: September 28, 1988

DEATH: April 13, 1992

Amber Gail Bennet ~ Age 3

Amber, 3, was murdered either by her mother, or her mother’s boyfriend, or both. There are questions to the guilt of the mother. However, she’s serving a life without parole + 20 years in the murder of this precious child. The one thing that’s not a question about this tragic event; a precious child was murdered and now gone forever. 

Christina Boyer passed a polygraph test administered by a court-certified examiner less than 24 hours before her sentencing that indicated her innocence. The court paid for the test and the positive results were entered into the courts record at her sentencing.

The boyfriend, David Paul Herrin, would not take a polygraph test. He was the only one with 3 year old Amber during the last 6 hours of her life. In the hospital emergency room, he was heard by Boyer and Jeannie Lagle making the comment, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” A jury never heard that evidence.

Boyer, took a plea agreement and Herrin was found not guilty of murder at his trial. Boyer, Amber’s mother was facing the death sentence.

Whoever killed this precious child, will one day, rot in hell where they belong. If it’s the mother, or the boyfriend, they will answer to the all mighty!

Note: Amber is the daughter of the infamous teenage telekenisis girl Tina Resch. Tina changed her name to Christina Boyer. Tina Resch aka Christina Boyer was the girl that achieved some fame during what the media called the Columbus Poltergeist case. In 1984 a series of unexplained events of alleged spontaneous telekinesis at her home were covered extensively by news media.




One thought on “AMBER GAIL BENNET

  1. David, the murderer, is now free while Christina who was scared green by threats of a death sentence, continues to suffer in prison for a crime she had NO part of.

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