BIRTH: October 11, 1999

DEATH: March 26, 2003

Amir Beeks ~ Age 3

Amir, 3, was lured away from a Woodbridge, New Jersey public library on March 25, 2003. He was sexually assaulted and beaten with a baseball bat in a backyard playhouse, and left for dead, facedown in the shallow water of a ditch just two blocks from the library. The police found him there half an hour later, still alive, and he was taken to John F. Kennedy Medical Center where he died the next day.

Amir’s killer, Aaron Kean, was only 10 years old. He has a history of violent behavior and had been expelled from two schools prior to murdering Amir. The boy’s father was blind and his mother had died of cancer. Kean pleaded guilty to killing the child, saying he did it because the boy was bothering him. He was then sent to a specialized children’s mental health facility. He may spend up to 18 years in state custody for the crime, but can be released at any time if itcan be proven that he has rehabilitated. Amir’s adoptive mother has sued the New Jersey child welfare system for neglecting Kean, saying their negligence lead to the murder.

Amir’s mother adopted him at birth from a family member. He was a sweet, intelligent boy who was learning to count and recite the alphabet at the time of his murder. His favorite food was Cheez Doodles and he enjoyed watching television.


10-Year-Old Is Charged With Molesting and Killing a Boy, 3

N.J.’s 10-Year-Old Murder Suspect

Police say 10-year-old kidnapped, sexually assaulted boy, 3

Boy, 11, sentenced in death of 3-year-old




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