BIRTH: February 7, 2006

DEATH: January 17, 2008

Cyrus Nainoa Tupai Belt ~ Age 23 Months

Cyrus, 23 months, died after being thrown off the pedestrian H-1 freeway overpass by a man that lived in the same apartment complex as the Cyrus’s family. Witnesses said that they saw a man throw the infant from the Miller Street pedestrian overpass, but police said they are not sure if the child was alive or dead when the man threw the child. It appears the child was hit by at least two cars after being thrown over. There has never been a real reason as to why he felt he needed to throw this child over a bridge and into on coming traffic. He was on drugs at the time according to reports, but that doesn’t excuse this horrible crime, in my opinion.

Matthew Higa, a man who lived in the same apartment complex, threw Belt off of a freeway overpass. He was high on methamphetamine at the time. “I’m not an angel, but this man is a monster. He kidnapped my baby and he murdered him and he threw him off a … bridge,” said Nancy Asiata Chanco, Belt’s mother.


Suspect in toddlers freeway fall charged with murder

Honolulu Man Arrested For Throwing Baby Off An Overpass

A Life cut shot: the Cyrus Belt Case

Accused killer Higa could face life term without parole

Mourners gather for Cyrus Belt’s funeral


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