BIRTH: November 2, 2006

DEATH: August 10, 2010

John Taylor Baxley ~ Age 3

John, 3, was happy normal boy that went to stay with his father for only 6 weeks before he died at the hands of his father and his father’s girlfriend. The abuse started the day John arrived at his father’s house.

His father said he had hit his son with a “cupped” hand on his head, face, stomach, legs and genital area, and that he had his son in the bathtub and was pouring water over the boy’s head to teach him how to hold his breath. When his son was not holding his breath properly, he struck the boy on the head, and John hit his head on the tub.

To help with the swelling from John hitting his head, his father and his father’s girlfriend heated up dry rice in a sock in the microwave and placed it on John’s head. It burned the boy so baldy it left a blister that was found gaping and opened and had gone untreated when arriving to the reports of a child not breathing.

The girlfriend said that she had hit him hard enough to cause bruising and that she had picked the boy up off the floor by his throat. She said she did that because the toddler would not listen to her.

On the day John passed away, his father said, he hit his son numerous times on the head, face, stomach and genital area because he was not eating properly. Frustrated, he pulled his son’s chair out from under him and he fell to the floor with a “thud”.


Child beaten to death; two arrested

Justin Garwacki and Kara O’Connell Are Monsters

Justin Garwacki took 1 month to abuse and kill 3yo John Taylor Baxley

John Taylor Baxley case: Three year old Tampa boy dead, father and father’s girlfriend in custody

Abuse inflicted on Citrus Park 3-year-old before his death detailed in court records


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