BIRTH: February 2, 2009

DEATH: February 12, 2010

Vaniessa Annette Baylor ~ Age 1

Vaniessa, 1, was severely abused by her father and died from the injuries. He stated that he had gotten frustrated with her crying so he picked her up, shook her three or four times and threw her on the couch. He then covered her with a blanket and went upstairs to help another child use the restroom. He stated he then heard a thud and found her on the floor not responding. Her injuries were more like someone in a car crash and not a small fall from a couch.

Vaniessa was transported to the hospital with “subdural hematoma, several pulmonary edemas and numerous bruises on her body.” Officers say they found numerous circular bruises on the child’s back, traveling up the right rib cage. They say Vaniessa also had four bruises on her chin; “from what appeared to be someone grabbing her chin with a hand,”.


Kyle Baylor shook and threw his 1-year old – injuries likened to car crash trauma

Kyle Baylor Arrested for Beating Baby Vaniessa to Death

Infant Dead In Springfield, Father Charged With Felony Child Abuse



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