BIRTH: August 3, 1994

DEATH: August 3, 2011

Amanda Marie Borsos ~ Age 17

Amanda, 17, a junior at Little Miami High School, was killed with a shotgun blast, at close range, to the stomach. She was shot and killed while at work and within a week of breaking up with her boyfriend. She was taken to Bethesda North Hospital, where she was pronounced dead shortly after her arrival. Amanda was shot and killed on her 17th birthday.

After the shooting, the ex-boyfriend made frantic phone calls to his mother and father, telling them about the incident. He barricaded himself inside his family’s townhouse less than a mile from the kennel where Amanda worked and where he shot and killed her. He then, after a police standoff, turned the gun on himself in a murder-suicide.

He apparently used a hanger to pull the shotgun’s trigger to shoot himself in the chest, according to a 911 transcript. The transcript also noted that he had the shotgun “rigged to the curtains so if the curtain moved, the gun would fire.”

The teens had only been dating a few months, and broke up a week before the tragedy and everyone was in shock that the popular skateboarder shot and killed the “sweet” girl and then took his own life. Such a great loss.


Amanda Borsos, 17, Killed By Ex-Boyfriend Troy Penn in Teen Murder-Suicide

Teens broke up a week before Warren County murder-suicide

Vigil held for teen killed by ex-boyfriend

2 students killed in apparent murder-suicide

Warren County community mourns teens killed in murder-suicide

Some friends concerned before murder-suicide



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