BIRTH: August 7, 1995

DEATH: April 12, 2006

Jamie Rose Bolin ~ Age 10

Jamie, 10, was lured into a neighbor’s apartment, where he hit her over the head with a cutting board then smothered her until she died. He then proceeded to raped her after death, cut her neck down to the bone, kept her body in a Rubbermaid container while pretending to help search for her, and had planned on eating her. While her body was being kept in his home he blogged about trivial things like a new fossil that had been discovered. He had no concern for the family, or compassion for the little girl he just killed for no other reason, than being a sick individual.

He eventually confessed that he had cannibalistic fantasies of killing a child from his complex and eating their body. He admitted that he killed Jamie, tried to have sex with her body and used a dagger to try to remove her head. He said he became disgusted with himself and did not eat any parts of her body.

He was arrested, charged with first degree murder; tried, convicted, and sentenced to death for the horrific murder of 10 year old Jamie Rose Bolin.


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