BIRTH: 1993

DEATH: February 20, 2008

Joshua Richard Bolduc ~ Age 15

Joshua, 15 and his parents, Christopher and Carol Bolduc, were stabbed to death inside their Birkdale Circle home and the house was set ablaze using a gas can.

Maine State Police arrested Matthew Cushing, 22, who was Carol Bolduc’s biological son, the stepson of Christopher Bolduc and the half-brother of Joshua Bolduc, in Wiscasset two days later.

Investigators noticed cuts on Matthew’s hands during questioning that he said came from cutting a steak. A bloody knife and a stun gun were also found in Matthew’s Old Town apartment. The stun gun had Matthew’s and Christopher Bolduc’s DNA on it, and the knife’s surface contained genetic evidence from all four of the family members.


Matthew Cushing Killed His Family

Large Crowd Turns Out For Bolduc Funeral

Cushing pleads guilty in ‘difficult’ day in court


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