BIRTH: August 6, 1968

DEATH: November 21, 1987

Kathy Carol Bonney ~ Age 18

Kathy, 18, was killed by her father who claimed he did it while possessed by an alternate personality named “Hitman”. She had quit school and was in a relationship with a married man, both of which had angered her father, who had developed a “Waltons” fantasy about his family.

According to accounts of the case, Kathy’s rebellious actions had destroyed this fantasy. His story to the police was that a man trying to sell a pick-up truck had given Kathy a test-drive and had never returned. In reality, Kathy’s father had driven her just across the Virginia border into North Carolina, stopped by the side of the road, and shot her 27 times. After making the scene look like a sex crime, he left her in the Great Dismal Swamp Canal that ran alongside the shoulder of the road.

The jury at his trial was not impressed with his tales of multiple personalities and consequently sentenced him to death. However, that death sentence was later lifted and the court has declared him incapable of assisting in his own defense.

This case was the subject of the book “Deadly Whispers” and the TV-movie of the same name, “Deadly Whispers“, starring Tony Danza. It was also featured on an episode of “American Justice” on A&E.


Man accused of killing daughter tried again

Satan, Viking, among killers personalities

Bonney Murder Conviction Stands

Jurors view many personalities of accused murderer

Man who claimed he has multiple personalities

Mistrial Hearing For Bonney Case Begins In N.C.



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