BIRTH: October 7, 2005 

DEATH: December 14, 2009

Marc Anthony Bookal ~ Age 4

Marc, 4, was reported missing from his home on December 14, 2009. According to his mother’s live in boyfriend, Marc wandered off from his house to visit a neighbor. 

3 months after Marc was reported missing and numerous searches, his body was finally found in a wooded area inside of a bag.

The District Attorney said that an autopsy preformed on little Marc determined the cause of death to be the result of blunt force trauma and numerous injuries to his body and head.

While Marc was still missing his mother, Christina, wouldn’t give up hope that her son would be found and found alive; she kept the Christmas tree up with his gifts still under the tree and refusing to take it down, saying, “Until he comes home, it will stay up.”

The man that caused the death of Marc, 4, has been charged with several counts, which include:

1. Intentional Murder in the 2nd Degree

2. Depraved Indifference Murder in the 2nd Degree

3. Manslaughter in the 1st Degree

4. Manslaughter in the 2nd Degree

5 & 6. Two Counts of Tampering with Physical Evidence


Marc Anthony Bookal, 4, Missing: “I Just Want My Baby Home”

In Search of Marc Anthony Bookal, 4, Police Divers Return to Hudson River

Marc Anthony Bookal Search Called Off; 4-Year-Old Boy Missing For Three Weeks

Marc Anthony Bookal case: Former victim of Cory Byrd says he was brutally beaten, left for dead

Police Find Missing 4-Year-Old Marc Anthony Bookal Dead in Wooded Area

Boyfriend Indicted in Marc Anthony Bookal Case

Stepfather Of Missing Newburgh Boy Arrested, Charged




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