BIRTH: August 3, 1983

DEATH: June 27, 2000

Molly Ann Bish ~ Age 16

Molly, 16, from Warren, Massachusetts, was abducted and then murdered while working as a lifeguard in rural Massachusetts. Her body was found 3 years later after the largest search in the history of the state of Massachusetts.

The day before her abduction, her mother Magi Bish claimed that she saw a man in a white sedan in the parking lot of the beach where her daughter’s lifeguard post was positioned. Although the man looked suspicious to Magi, she had forgotten about him until after Molly’s disappearance. The last witness to see Molly before she was kidnapped was her mother. She was wearing a blue bathing suit.

Bish’s remains were found five miles from her family home 3 years after her disappearance. A hunter had seen a blue bathing suit in the woods on Whiskey Hill in Palmer, Massachusetts in the late fall of 2002. He mentioned this to Tim McGuigan in May 2003, who then made the possible connection to Molly Bish and contacted police. An intense search of the area soon located Molly’s remains.

A quote from Molly: “I love life, I really do.” 

 Molly’s abduction and murder remain unsolved.


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