BIRTH: 1994

DEATH: August 17, 2009

Nekitta "Nicky" Hamilton ~ Age 15

Nekitta, 15, was shot and killed inside the home of friends, Davion Bishop, 15, and Faith Bisasor. Nekitta’s mother, Camille, was on the only survivor of the shooting. She was shot in the face and left to die but she survived. Nekitta is the daughter of Reggae singer Thriller U of the group LUST and Camille Hamilton.

There has never been a clear motive to this senseless crime, but police believe the shooting was a random act and the suspect, who was homeless at the time, only got away with $80.

3 lives for $80.00 and one scared for the rest of her life. $80.00?


Fundraiser For Slain Reggae Singer’s Daughter

Police looking at person of interest in ’09 Miramar triple-homicide

Sole survivor of Miramar triple murder speaks out

Funeral service held for teen killed in triple shooting

Two Names Released in Miramar Murder Case

Police get a break in year-old Miramar triple slaying

Suspected Killer In Miramar Triple Murder Enters Plea


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