BIRTH: November 2009

DEATH: July 7, 2009

Roosevelt Bradley, III ~ Age 8 Months

Roosevelt, 8 months, along with his twin sister were dropped off by their mother, Elizabeth Bradley, to visit their father. The mother and the father didn’t live together. The mother was staying a domestic violence shelter at the time of baby Roosevelt’s death.

Roosevelt Bradley III, was rushed to the hospital from his father’s apartment  and the baby wasn’t breathing and died at the hospital.

During today’s hearing, Orange County sheriff’s homicide Detective Dorothy Rivera explained that a doctor described the infant’s skull as “mooshy.” The baby had retinal bleeding, and medical experts believed the injuries were “non-accidental.”

The medical examiner ruled out that the injuries could have been caused by a fall, and said that the type of skull injuries would have led to an immediate coma and death, Rivera said.

The medical examiner also described the baby’s injuries as “fresh,” and Rivera said she does not believe it’s a “shaken baby” case. After the baby died, Rivera said, the adult Bradley showed no reaction to the news of his son’s death.

Bradley changed his story about what happened to the baby several times, Rivera said, and because of that she never got a clear time line of that day. She said Bradley once said he thought the baby’s twin sister hit him over the head with an object, but the detective said that wouldn’t be possible because the baby girl wasn’t even strong enough to pull herself up.

Prosecutor Robin Wilkinson said an autopsy concluded the death was not accidental. She cited a list of head injuries, including a skull fracture, contusions and hemorrhage.


Man faces murder charges after death of 8-month-old son

Roosevelt Bradley II faces child-abuse charges after death of 8-month-old son

No Bond For Alleged Baby Killer

Father arrested in suspicion of infant’s death



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