BIRTH: September 10, 2009

DEATH: January 8, 2010

Rowan James Bracci ~ Age 15 Months

Rowan, 15 months, was taken from a house by Dorchester County EMS to Trident Regional Medical Center on January 6, 2010, in distress and unresponsive. Rowan was transferred to the Medical University Hospital. He was bleeding in his eyes and brain, according to EMS’s incident report.

Amber Bracci, Rowan’s mother, told deputies she called EMS after she saw her son’s eyes rolling into the back of his head. She called her mother, who told her to call EMS. Bracci accompanied her son to the hospital. Doctors notified the Sheriff’s Office because they thought the injuries were consistent with child abuse. An investigation was begun immediately. Rowan sadly died in the hospital from severe head trauma cause by child abuse.

Autopsy findings released by Dorchester County Coroner’s Office confirmed that Rowan died of a closed head injury at the hands of another person or persons. The child had bruising of the scalp, hemorrhaging and brain swelling.


Dorchester officials investigating death of child

Mother charged in toddler’s death

Mother arrested in child’s death

Teen mother denied bond in toddler death


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