BIRTH: October 8, 1992

DEATH: June 15, 2006

Chelsea Ann Brooks ~ Age 14


Alexa Lynn Brooks

DEATH: June 15, 2006

Alexa Lynn Brooks ~ Sonogram Picture

Chelsea, 14, was reported missing after she disappeared from Skate South in Wichita, where she had gone with some friends. No Amber Alert was issued because police initially thought she was a runaway and suspected no foul play until the girl’s body was found in a shallow grave. Chelsea was nine months pregnant with her first child, which remaining family members named, Alexa Lynn, she was due to be born on July 4, 2006. 

3 people have been charged with her murder but the courts cannot charge anyone with murder of a fetus, as there are no laws on the books for such a charge. The state does have a law regarding injury to a pregnant woman, which is useless as murder trumps and charges related to the death of the unborn child. Laws need to be changed in Kansas, and soon.

22 year old man, is charged with having sex with Chelsea, impregnating her, then planning and arranging her murder for hire. He’s a child rapist, killer, and he killed his own child before she was even born. He is the picture of PURE EVIL!

A 17 year old boy pleaded guilty to murder and because he was a juvenile, he avoided the death penalty. Now 19, he is the prosecution’s key witness.

A jury convicted a 51 year old man of strangling Chelsea but could not reach a unanimous decision on the death penalty. He’s now serving life in prison without parole.


Wichita family mourns pregnant teen’s death

Family of Murdered Teen Speaks Out

The Chelsea Brooks Case

Accused Murderer Testifies In His Own Defense

22 Year Old Murderer of Chelsea Brooks found GUILTY

Robinson gets life; spared death; hearing gets fiery



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