BIRTH: June 12, 1993

DEATH: August 18, 2007

Dairea Bradley-Hawkins ~ Age 14

Dairea, 14, was shot and killed by a stray bullet while walking out of a party store. He wasn’t the intended victim, but he became a victim, along with his family and friends, by his untimely death.

Dairea was referred to as a “Mama’s Boy” and he received an award, by his school, for exemplary behavior. He had a 3.0 GPA with all A’s in math and science. His mother said, “He never hurt anybody and he never back-talked me”.

This was a good kid, doing something with his life, going to school, making good grades, and had a loving a family, only to be brought down before he could even really reach the prime of his life. He was killed by a coward that shoots into the night with no care in the world as to who might suffer from their ignorance.

Dairea’s murder remains unsolved.


Friend’s death from random violence motivates teen



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