BIRTH: August 2, 2006

DEATH: March 1, 2010

Kaelyn Serene Bray ~ Age 3

Kaelyn, 3, was killed by her mother’s boyfriend. He was arrested for severely beating Kaelyn and sending her to the hospital where she died three days later. She died of massive head trauma. He initially said that the family dog had knocked Kaelyn down a fight of stairs, but later admitted that he had caused her injuries.

After he was arrested for the murder of little Kaylyn, he tried to have his mother help cover his crime by asking to to take a uniform that had blood on it to her house. She took the wrong uniform. Great Falls Police stated that the uniform was tested at the State Crime Lab and found that the blood stains on the boots and pants of the uniform matched Kaelyn’s DNA profile. The affidavit also states that light blond root hairs on the uniform also contained the child’s DNA.

Court documents state that Hicks found out from a police report that his mother had taken the wrong uniform and admonished her over the phone in May. Court documents quote a jail phone call in which Hicks said: “Mom … they said they took my uniform … you said you had it … Well, you need to look and see because they said they took it, but you said you had it.”

He was convicted of the murder of this sweet, innocent, little girl and sentenced to 100 years in prison. He isn’t eligible for parole until he serves 25 years. He was sentenced to another 5 years for tampering with evidence and soliciting.


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