BIRTH: November 29, 2005

DEATH: February 12, 2009

Kaylan Kye Broumley ~ Age 3

Kaylan, 3, was murdered at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend. I have seen this more often in doing this blog than any other person. The boyfriend. I also see the mother allowing it happen. What’s wrong with people?

Kaylan was taken to the hospital by her mother, Joy Simmons-Yates, and reported to medical staff that Kaylan had fallen off a horse. She was treated for traumatic brain injury, burns on her feet and toes, and bruises in various stages of healing on her face, neck, ribs, back, legs and thighs. An autopsy report concluded Kaylan died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head, which resulted in a severe brain injury.

Her mother, Joy, later recanted her original story and said she left Kaylan in the care of her boyfriend alone. When she returned home, Joy said she was informed by her 4-year-old daughter that the boyfriend had hit Kaylan.

The boyfriend later told investigators that Kaylan had not fallen off a horse, and he said he may have caused the injuries when trying to revive her after her mother, Joy, called him stating she found Kaylan unresponsive. He later told investigators that he shook the child and held his hands over her mouth to keep her from crying.

The mother, Joy Simmons-Yates, of Kaylan who was fatally beaten, has a long history of investigations by Child Protective Services, according to court documents. She had two other children that was taken into child protective custody, after Kaylan’s death. Simmons-Yates’ other daughter has been adopted and her son is in the custody of grandparents

The boyfriend and the mother, Joy Simmons-Yates have both plead guilty in the death of Kaylan and both were sentenced to 12 years in prison. The mother was sentenced for child neglect. The boyfriend was sentenced for murder.

The boyfriends lawyer had this to say to him at his sentencing, “You would not even be eligible for consideration for parole until you have completed six calender years, which is 50 percent of the 12-year sentence. In fact, I’ve told you that if you sign up to do 12, expect to do all 12, and if you get out a day early, consider that a gift.”

They both got a gift anyway you look at it; they walk out of prison in 12 years and Kaylan will still be gone forever. Where is Kaylan gift? Her murderers basically got off with a slap on the wrist for the horrible things they did to Kaylan that eventually took her life.


CPS investigated mom before toddler’s death

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2 thoughts on “KAYLAN KYE BROUMLEY

  1. I think this is ridiculous.. Its a shame to know u can take the life of an innocent child and walk after 12yrs.. but if you kill a cop u more than likely get life.. u for sure get more than 12 yrs.. these sick people that kill and molest kids should get the death penalty.. I was at the hospital when this child was brought in and stayed til the day they took her off life support.. I seen every bruise on this baby also watched for 2 days that her “Mother” stayed messed up on xanax and didnt go in for a visit.. I also watched Kaylan’s mother only show emotion of fear for knowing what her and her so called bf done to this poor baby.. 12 yrs is not justice for Kaylan and it makes me ashamed to know its worse to kill a Cop than a child.. taking any persons life is wrong no matter of its a cop or a homeless person living under a bridge

  2. You made a comment about the “boyfriend”. I agree fully. As an advocate against child abuse, I think we hear this more often than not. Although, I do tend to look at the case of our Precious Angel, Sean Soward, whose Mommy did all the mean things that happened to him and caused his death, and being that I am a mother (of three teens and an 11 year old) i have yet to figure out why.

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