BIRTH: January 18, 1998

DEATH: October 14, 2007

Nicholas Daniel Braman ~ Age 9

Nicholas, 9, was killed by his father in a murder-suicide. Nicholas’ father also killed his step-mother in their home on October 14, 2007. Before Nicholas was killed, his father drugged him. Nicholas was drugged before his father attached his pickup exhaust to the dryer vent of their house, flooding a bedroom with carbon monoxide.

The death of Nicholas would have been avoided if CPS had simply done what they were obligated to do by law and that’s to protect him from further abuse and neglect at the hands of his father.

The deaths occurred 11 days after Braman failed to appear for sentencing hearing on child abuse charges.

The father has a  “long history of abuse” of his children, including the older boys, Oliver and Tyler. Oliver and Tyler ran away from home and went to live with their mother. Nicholas’ mother begged CPS to remove the younger son from the custody of his father before the murder happened and was denied. CPS didn’t think that Nicholas was in any danger. Even though the list of abuse by his father was extensive to all three boys. He was being charged with using a cattle prod on the two older boys.

Among complaints investigated — and denied — by CPS, beginning in 1998, were:

The father abused the children, and struck one so hard blood vessels broke in the child’s nose.

 The father threatened to kill Nicholas, who feared his father. The father and his live-in girlfriend pulled out the children’s teeth before they were ready to come out on their own.

The father threw son Oliver off the porch and kicked him because the boy could not find his glasses.

The father, believing that Oliver was afraid of the dark, left him miles away at night to find his way home. He did the same with Tyler.

The boys told CPS workers they were beaten on their bare bottoms, and pliers were put on their fingers.

In 2006, the father was investigated for molesting a child. During that investigation, authorities learned the boys were disciplined with a cattle prod.

Again, CPS denied that the children were being abused or neglected and completely failed to investigate, collect evidence, or reach a disposition on the allegation that Oliver Braman used a cattle prod on his children.


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