BIRTH: June 5, 1998

DEATH: March 21, 2000

Skyla Brooks ~ Age 21 Months

Skyla, 21 months, died at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend. Her murderer said he called emergency personnel to his home stating that Skyla had been choking and he shook her pretty hard in an effort to save her, but the doctor said, “That’s not possible”.

Skyla was pronounced dead at the Hillcrest Medical Center in Oklahoma. The time was 6:25 P.M. and the day was March 21, 2000. It had only been 24 hours since she was admitted to the hospital.

The abuse suffered by Skyla included being smacked so hard on the forehead, that it left knuckle marks in the form of bruises. Skyla had been bitten over most of her body, had broken bones both old and new. Skyla was also burned with a cigarette over most of her body; numerous bruises and torn skin as a result of having been sexually assaulted.

The official cause of Skyla’s death is listed as Shaken Baby Syndrome.

The boyfriend, and Skyla mother, Tammy Brooks, were arrested and held in jail on first degree murder and lewd molestation charges in connection with Skyla’s death. The boyfriend was sentenced to 35 years in prison for second degree murder after pleading guilty. Tammy Brooks, Skyla’s mother, was given 20 years for child neglect.

The picture below isn’t a picture that I like to see, much less like to post on this site, however, if it causes one person to wake up and stop trusting these boyfriends and girlfriends with your children alone, or allow them to harm your child for fear you will be alone, then it serves it’s purpose. No child should play second fiddle to a man, or a woman. These are YOUR children, protect them at all cost, even if that means you live your life without a partner in it.

Skyla on life support in the hosptial

Skyla’s grandmother knew this sweet child was in danger and tried with all her might to save her. She was with Skyla at the hospital when she was taken off life support.

“They let me hold her before she died, I sang three of her favorite nursery songs to her before she passed away in my arms.” ~ Grandmother, Robyn Brooks


Tribute to Skyla Brooks

In Memory of Skyla Brooks

Skyla Brooks ~ Abuse Angels

Skyla Brooks, Angelizd’s Place


Note: There weren’t any news articles on this story on the internet. I found more artcles about the Judge that presided over the case and his misbehavior than I did about precious little Skyla. News media need to get their priorities straight and write about things more important, for instance, Skyla Brooks.


4 thoughts on “SKYLA BROOKS

  1. This is my little sister i love her always i have nothing else to say but. The mam who took her life needs more punishment than prison the man didnt even go to prison till like two years after her deth i miss you skyla you have no clue little girl but you know what you are in heaven and i will make sure i am there to see you one day and we all will make sure we can see that beautiful face of yours agin. I ball my eyes out daily for you to be back on this earth with me i would give my own life for yours

  2. Skyla, I didn’t know you but I wish I had. I wish I was there to save you, protect you, love you. Your story has broke my heart. I have children your age and I give them extra hugs and kisses in hopes you feel them. Rest in peace you sweet angel.

  3. My second oldest has a cousin named Skyla and all three, including this precious angel, are all 15! My daughter was named Skylar after his cousin Skyla. Big Hugs lovely angel!

  4. Another senseless tragedy. Such a sweet baby. Mothers, start protecting the innocents you bring into this world!

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