BIRTH: 2008

DEATH: November 28, 2008

Brooklyn Nicole Brown ~ Age 10 months

Brooklyn, 10 months, was killed by the ex-boyfriend of her mother’s out of rage because the mother, Kacey Brown, had ended the relationship and going back to her husband, Brooklyn’s father.

The ex-boyfriend was alone with Brooklyn while the mother was at work. He said he was frustrated because his girlfriend was going back to her husband and that he slammed her 10-month-old daughter, Brooklyn, into a floor twice while baby-sitting her.

He first said that he was carrying the baby into the bathroom to give her a bath and that she fell onto the vinyl bathroom floor. It was learned from a from a pediatric intensive care specialist that it was unlikely that a fall, as described, caused the injury. The specialist said the injuries took “significant force”.

After being confronted about the inconsistencies in his story, the ex-boyfriend said he, “intentionally took Brooklyn and slammed her into the floor 2 times.” He said the baby’s “eyes rolled back in her head and he noticed that she became unresponsive.”

After he slammed this baby into the floor, he took Brooklyn to a grocery store where her mother, Kacey Brown, worked. An EMS unit took Brooklyn from the store to Via Christi Regional Medical Center-St. Francis Campus.

In the emergency room, Brooklyn was unconscious, and nurses assisted her breathing and she had suffered a large skull fracture on the left side of her head. Her condition was stabilized in the pediatric intensive care unit. However, a neurosurgeon concluded, “If Brooklyn did recover she would be in a vegetative state.” She was taken off life support and passed away in her mothers, Kacey Brown’s, arms.

The next day an autopsy indicated that she died of “blunt force trauma of the head, Manner: Homicide.

The ex-boyfriend was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Brooklyn. He later pleads guilty to second-degree murder and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

 At the sentencing the mother said, “He took a life away from me that was never his to take, I wonder if people know what it’s like to hold a 10-month-old baby as she dies. I held her as she gasped for air, until she was gone.”


Wichita Man Murders Former Girlfriend’s Baby In A Fiery Rage Over Break-Up

Police Say Child Killed Over Breakup

Man Sentenced In Death Of Wichita Baby



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