BIRTH: June 21, 2008

DEATH: September 3, 2009

Aundrea Justice Brownlow ~ Age 14 months

Aundrea, 14 months, died after being struck by a baseball bat during a prayer service at their church. The baby was struck during an altercation between Claude Hankins, Aundrea’s father, and a fellow church member.

Aundrea’s father says he’s forgiven the man who came to Thy Kingdom Come World Ministries swinging a baseball bat that landed a fatal blow to his 14-month-old daughters head. Her death marked a tragic end to an argument over a $20 debt and a donated washer and dryer.

Another man is also is charged with second-degree assault in the case. He loaned the other man the baseball bat and later showed up at the church and swung at Claude with a 4-foot-long 2×4.

The men had argued over the $20 and the washer and dryer given to Aundrea’s father by the Rev. Danny Barnes. The Rev. said he gave the washer and dryer to Aundrea’s father and the other guy was upset over it.

The murderer confronted Claude Hankins at the back of the church while Claude was trying to seat his daughter and began swinging the bat over Hankins’ head. Claude grabbed a metal chair and managed to stave off several blows, but one hit his daughter in the head above her right ear.

The wife of the man that swung the bat said “He didn’t see the baby when he swung the bat”. He was drunk, at a church, swinging a bat, and the intention was to hurt someone, but it just so happened that someone was an innocent 14 month old little girl.


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