BIRTH: February 3, 2004

DEATH: June 4, 2009

Nevaeh Amyah Buchanan ~ Age 5

Nevaeh, 5 was last seen playing in the parking lot of her apartment complex. After her disappearance nearly 1,000 tips poured into the Sheriff’s department with information on Nevaeh since she went missing on that Memorial Day weekend.

Nevaeh’s body was found four days later on a river bank by a father and a son that was out fishing. The father thought it was just a cement block but it come to be the body of Nevaeh encased in it in a shallow grave. Shortly after the discovery of Nevaeh’s body it was found that there were no visible signs of abuse and that she had been buried along the River Raisin “for awhile.”

Two convicted sex offenders were named as persons of interest. George Kennedy, 39, and Roy Lee Smith, 48, both said to be acquaintances of Nevaeh’s mother, were arrested shortly after Nevaeh’s disappearance on probation violations simply for being associated with a child.

Her murder still remain unsolved.


Police Believe Girl Was Abducted From Apartment Complex

Nevaeh is still missing, and there have been no arrests

Body Found Near Where Girl Disappeared

Police Have ‘Reasonable Suspicion’ That Nevaeh Buchanan’s Body Found Near River Encased in Cement

Autopsy Results Show Nevaeh Buchanan May Have Been Buried Alive

America’s Most Wanted

Family and Friends Hold Vigil For Nevaeh One Year Later

Inviting Sex Offenders Home: When Mom’s Relationship Puts Children at Risk



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