BIRTH: December 14, 1952

DEATH: August 31, 1961

Ann Marie Burr ~ Age 8

Ann Marie, 8, went missing from her bedroom in the middle of the night on August 31, 1961. She had a broken arm at the time and took her sister into her parents room because her cast were bothering her and she was crying. Her parents told them to go back to bed. That was the last time anyone ever say Ann Marie alive again.

The next morning Ann Marie’s mother got up and found her daughter missing. There was a window opened and and a door that had been unlocked from the inside. Some shoe prints were found but they were almost destoryed by the rain the night before. It was said they were a Keds size 6 or 7. A small man’s shoe, or a teenagers shoe size.

It was assumed that Ann Marie was abducted by someone she knew. Several suspects emerged but nothing ever came out of their questioning, including sex offenders in the area. Her disappearance became a mystery until the high profile case of Ted Bundy hit the news.

Ted Bundy lived only a few blocks from Ann Marie, and it was said that they knew each other, though accounts differ as to how they were acquainted. He was 14 at the time and never a suspect in her case until he came into the spot light in the 1970’s.

As we know, Bundy confessed to many murders he was never charged with but he denied having anything to do with Ann Marie’s disappearance.

People still believe that Ann Marie was his first victim.

Ann Marie’s murder still remains unsolved.


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Ann Marie Burr

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“Ted” Theodore Robert Bundy



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