BIRTH: April 27, 1990

DEATH: January 5, 2008

Derreck Burruss ~ Age 16

Derreck, 16, and two friends were walking from the Park Place Mall movie theater. That’s when two other teens approached the group. The friends just kept walking and the suspect continued to follow them. The encounter was anything but friendly and the two suspects were looking for a fight.

Moments later one of the suspects pulled out a gun and shot Derreck in cold blood. Derreck died at University Medical Center while the suspects ran from the crime scene.

Later that day, police arrested Anthony Encinas, 18, and Raymond Godoy, on suspicion of first-degree murder. Although Godoy is 15 years old, a jail records clerk said he was booked as an adult.

Anthony Encinas, 18, was found guilty of first degree murder, attempted robbery, and attempted aggravated robbery and sentenced to live in prison.

Raymond Godoy, 15, was originally charged with first-degree murder for his part in the death of Derreck. Following a plea deal, Godoy was placed on five years of intensive probation in lieu of up to 8.75 years in prison. He has since been charged with another weapons crime and awaiting trial on that case.


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