BIRTH: April 28, 1993

DEATH: April 10, 2002

Brianna Caddell ~ Age 8

Brianna, 8, was shot and killed as she laid sleeping in her home. She was killed during a drive-by shooting with an AK-47. The drive-by was in revenge of the murder of another man. Antonie Foote, charged with her murder, said that his brother had been killed, he believed, by a man living the house in which Brianna was murdered. The murder was in self defense and no charges were ever filed against the other man. He didn’t even live in the home, but Brianna died. 

Pamela Martin woke to gunfire filling her home and she went to the living room to check on her 8 year-old daughter Brianna. She heard her gasping for her breath and said, “I heard her coughing, then she didn’t cough no more.

Over 24 shots were fired into the home with six children sleeping inside.

Two men were charged in the murder of Brianna. Antoine Lavelle Foote, fired the fatal shots into the home and Karis Hampton, was charged with murder.


Sleeping Girl, 8, Killed in Shooting

Suspects Charged in Eight Year-Old Girl’s Death

Mother Recalls Night Daughter Died at Hearing

Third Grade Not the Same After Brianna’s Death



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