Jessica Nicole Butts ~ Age 11 ~ Mackenzie Dawn Sullivan Butts ~ Age 3 ~ Gerri Butts ~ Age 30


Jessica Nicole Butts

BIRTH: September 17, 1980

DEATH: January 27, 1992


Mackenzie Dawn Sullivan Butts

BIRTH: November 27, 1988

DEATH: January 27, 1992


Jessica, age 11, and Mackenzie, age 3, were murdered in their home along with their mother, Gerri Butts. Gerri, their mother, was found on the couch strangled to death. Jessica was on her bed stripped from the waist down murdered by a telephone and telephone cord wrapped around her throat. She had also been sexually assaulted. Mackenzie was found face down in the bathtub, drowned in less than 3 inches of water.

A suspect emerged right away and was arrested for the crime. However a grand jury declined to indict him because of lack of evidence in 1992. The suspect was a man that Gerri was dating at the time. According to her family Gerri had loaned him $90.00 and she asked for it back. When he claimed he didn’t have it, she confronted him. She was known to speak her mind, they think she may have even slapped him. She was asking for the money back because she was a single mother taking care of two children alone.

Michael Keven Hailey became enraged and murdered Gerri Butts. He then, in the fear of the girls telling on him, then sexually assaulted and murdered Jessica, 11, and drowned Mackenzie, 3.

In 2007, 16 years after the murders, the case was reopened and upon new DNA test that wasn’t available in 1992, Kevin was indicted in the murders. The new DNA test concluded, without a doubt, who the murderer, and rapist was of this family. Micheal Kevin Hailey was indicted on 2 counts of first degree murder. Kevin, as he’s called, was currently serving an 87-year prison term in the Louisiana State Penitentiary on an attempted murder conviction from 2004.

After the evidence was presented, Kevin decided it was in his best interest to plead guilty. The state of Texas was seeking the death penalty against him.

It took 17 years, but the murders of Jessica and Mackenzie were finally solved and justice served for them and their mother.


Suspect indicted in 1992 East Texas triple slaying

Jury selection for 17 year old murder case

Kevin Michael Hailey pleads guilty

FIND A GRAVE ~ Jessica

FIND A GRAVE ~ Mackenzie



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