Matthew, Tyler, Penny, Terry and Erin Caffey


Matthew Ryan “Bubba” Caffey

BIRTH: June 8, 1994

DEATH: March 1, 2008


Tyler Paul Caffey

BIRTH: April 18, 1999

DEATH: March 1, 2008


Matthew, 13,  and Tyler, 8, along with their mother Penny were killed by Erin Caffey and three other people. Terry Caffey, the father of Matthew, Tyler, and the husband of Penny was shot five times, in the head, shoulder, chest, and twice in the back, survived the attack.

Erin Caffey, 16, upset that her parents had forbid her from seeing another suspect in the shooting planned to kill her parents and brothers to be free of her family to do as she wanted to do.

Erin’s boyfriend, Charlie James Wilkinson, 19, and his friend, Charles Allen Waid, 20, allegedly found Erin’s parents sleeping in their bed and shot her mother to death and and attemepted to kill her father.

Charlie Wilkinson told Matthew and Tyler, to go back upstairs to bed. Charles Waid went upstairs and shot Matthew in the head.  Charlie Wilkinson and Charles Waid both stabbed Tyler to death with a sword.

 During the murders of her family, Erin sat in a car outside with another female friend, Bobbi Gale Johnson, 18. She had told her boyfriend where cash and jewelry could be found in the house, which they took and stashed in the car.

After they committed the murders, or thought, they set the house on fire and left the scene. The house was engulfed when firefighters arrived at 4:30 a.m. and burned to the ground with the bodies of Penny, Mathew and Tyler inside.

When they were arrested after the murders, Charlie Wilkinson and Erin Caffey slept at a friend’s house. Deputies found Charlie sleeping on a mattress with two guns nearby and Erin Caffey was found sleeping under a pile of clothes and stuffed animals. Caffey told the deputies all she remembered was the fire.

Erin Caffey, 16, Charlie James Wilkinson, 19; Charles Allen Waid, 20; and Bobbi Gale Johnson, 18, were all charged with three counts of first degree murder.

Erin Caffey, age 17, pled guilty to capital murder. Sentence: Two life sentences with an additional 25 year sentence.

Charles “Charlie” James Wilkinson, age 19, pled guilty – Sentence: Life in prison without parole.

Charles Allan Waid, age 20, pled guilty – Sentence: Life in prison without parole.

Bobbi Gale Johnson, age 18, pled guilty to being an accomplice who did not use a weapon. Sentence: 40 years in prison. Bobbi Gail Johnson may be eligible for parole in 20 years.


Daughter, 16, charged in murder of mother, brothers

Triple Murder Was Planned For Weeks

911 Tape & Arrest Affidavit Reveal Info On Caffey Murders

Erin Caffey – The Caffey Murders, Attempted Murder and Arson

Caffey Family Massacre

Caffey Aftermath

Erin Caffey, 17, gets 2 life terms in family deaths

Terry Caffey – Survivor of Murder and Arson

FIND A GRAVE ~ Matthew




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