DEATH: September 24, 2009

Jamaya "China" Carroll ~ Age 3

Jamaya, 3, and her mother, Karitha Carroll, were found stabbed to death in their home.

The mother’s uncle found the bloody bodies of Karitha, 31, and Jamaya, 3, in a bedroom in their house. The family grew concerned after phone calls and text messages from family and friends went unanswered. They were believed to have been dead 12 hours before being found.

The mother, Karitha, had multiple stab wounds to her chest and defensive wounds on her arms. She also suffered slash wounds to her throat and all of her wounds were in the front of her body. She was found on the bedroom floor.

Jamaya was found with slash wounds to her throat and on her right arm. Jamaya was found on the bed in the same room as her mother. When the uncle found the bodies he actually thought the baby was just sleeping. It wasn’t until he got close to her that he could see she was not breathing.

They were both found in their pajamas and the family feels that Karitha wouldn’t have opened the door unless she knew the person knocking or trying to get in. There was no signs of forced entry to the house. The police however, feel the suspects didn’t know their victims.

One year after 31-year-old Karitha Carroll and her three-year-old daughter Jamaya were found stabbed to death in their home “America’s Most Wanted” brought national attention to the man suspected of killing them, Robert Lee King, in hopes of getting him behind bars for the murders.

Jamaya and Karitha’s murders still remain unsolved.


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