BIRTH: February 24, 1993

DEATH: January 11, 2009

Laura LeShay Campbell ~ Age 15

Shay, as she was called by family and friends, 15, died at her home after being stabbed by her best friend following an argument. 

Shay and her best friend got into an argument, and the friend started throwing things at Shay. Shay’s mother, Lacey Campbell, and the grandmother of the friend, Virginia Payne, tried to separate the two girls. When that didn’t work the mother and Shay left the room.

Shay and her mother then went into a back room and closed the door. That was when friend picked up a butcher knife from the kitchen and started slashing at the closed door. Moments later, the friend managed to open the door and stabbed Shay in the back, just below her shoulder.

“The minute I saw her, I knew she was dead. It went right through her lung,” Virginia Payne said.

Shay Campbell and Tera Carey, the best friend, grew up together and have been friends since birth.

Tera Carey was charged as and adult and plead guilty to Voluntary Manslaughter and sentenced to 15 years in prison.


Dispute between Teenagers Results in Fatal Stabbing; Suspect Charged with Murder

Teen Murder Suspect Will be Charged as Adult

Grand Jury Returns Two Indictments Monday

Tera Carey sentenced to 15 years for voluntary manslaughter



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