Bradley R. Camm ~ Age 7 ~ Jill C. Camm ~ Age 5 ~ Kimberly R. Camm


Bradley R. Camm

BIRTH: February 1, 1993

DEATH: September 28, 2000


Jill C. Camm

BIRTH: February 28, 1995

DEATH: September 28, 2000


Bradley, 7, and Jill, 5, and their mother, Kim, were found murdered in the garage of their home. They were ambushed as they returned home from Bradley’s swim practice and shot multiple times.

Jill and her mother, Kim, were both shot in the head execution style and Bradley was shot in the chest. Bradley and Jill were still in the Ford Bronco in which they had just arrived home from swim practice in. Kim, their mother, was lying on the floor of the garage with her shoes sitting neatly on the top of the Ford Bronco that Bradley, Jill and Kim were still inside the SUV.

David, their father, was at friendly basketball game supposedly while the murders were taking place inside the garage of his home. 11 people gave him an alibi that was not believed by 2 juries.

Three days after the murders, David Camm was arrested for the brutal murders of his wife, Kim, his son, Bradley, 7, and his daughter, Jill, 5. He has always maintained his innocence in the murders. He has always insisted that he could never have killed his wife and kids, and that he was a happy family man from the moment he met Kim.

David Camm, the father of Bradley and Jill, and also a retired Highway State Patrol Officer, was tired and convicted 2 times for their murders. There is a lot of controversy in the convictions and some even wonder if he did have anything to do with the murders of his family.

Later, after a conviction of David, at the crime scene, a mysterious gray sweatshirt was found in the Bronco, underneath Brad. This sweatshirt could not be linked to David. It had the word “Backbone” written on the inside tag, and it contained the DNA of a stranger.

There was also unknown DNA evidence on both Kim and Brad’s pants, as well as latent fingerprints on the Ford Bronco that did not belong to any of the Camms.

Somehow, this DNA was not processed thru CODIS, the FBI Laboratory’s Combined DNA Index System, until 2005, when it was identified as belonging to an ex-con named Charles Boney, aka “Backbone.” The latent fingerprints on the Bronco were positively identified as Boney’s as well. Charles Boney also had a fetish with women’s shoes. He would take them as souvenirs after assaulting and sometimes robbing a woman.

After initially denying knowing David Camm, and claiming that he gave his sweatshirt to the Salvation Army, Boney then confesses to his involvement, but claims that Camm paid him $250 for a clean gun which he delivered to David, wrapped in the “Backbone” sweatshirt.

David Camm was tried and convicted of the murders of his family twice and is currently severing a life sentence without parole for the crimes. He is awaiting his third trial in the case in the hopes that a jury will believe he had nothing to do with the murders, didn’t know Charles Boney, and will be set free to finally be able to grieve the death of his family.


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