BIRTH: September 1, 1990

DEATH: March 13, 2008

Cody D. Casey ~ Age 17

Cody, 17, was stabbed to death during an argument with two other teenage boys over a girl.

Cody had been dating a girl named Ariel, 16, for about a month before he asked her to prom. Ariel was friends with Dakota and Zachary’s 19-year-old brother, but Cody was jealous of the friendship and biked to his house to confront him.

 The man’s two younger brothers, Dakota and Zachary insisted their 19-year-old brother wasn’t home, but Cody, who had ridden his bike over after school, didn’t budge.

Dakota went inside and grabbed a steak knife, then came back to ask Cody to leave again. Cody took out a sock with a rock inside of it and hit Dakota in the head. They fought in the driveway, and Dakota stabbed Cody at least four times before Zachary pulled his angry brother and Cody apart.

Zachary was afraid his brother would get in trouble, so he wiped down the knife and threw it in a sewer outside their home. He eventually told police where it was, after first denying he knew what had happened to it.

Dakota Cheyenne Butler, 16, was charged in juvenile court with second-degree murder. He plead guilty and was placed in a juvenile correctional facility until he is 21 years old. Dakota also received a 150 month adult prison term which could be executed should he not follow all of the requirements imposed by juvenile court Judge Michael Mayer. Dakota was also ordered to pay restitution and write a letter of apology.

Zachary Albert Butler-Martinez, 18, charged with a lesser felony – Aiding an offender. His sentence is unknown at this time.

Note: On June 13, 2008 the high school that Cody attended read his name along with his senior class at graduation. His family received a diploma in his name during the ceremony.


Two Charged in Rosemount Death of 17-Year-Old

Brothers Charged in Rosemount Stabbing

Teen Charged With Second-Degree Murder

Rosemount Juvenile Pleads Guilty and is Sentenced in Death of 16-Year-Old

I didn’t want him to die

Cody D. Casey Obituary



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