BIRTH: August 14, 2004

DEATH: October 18, 2005

Jeremy "Murphy" Celentano ~ Age 14 months

Jeremy, 14 months, was murdered at the hands of his father after the father just won custody of Jeremy from foster care where Jeremy had spent most of his first year. Jeremy was born addicted to drugs, and his mother lost custody of him after he was born. His father, Darren, petitioned the court to get his son back.

Within a few months, Jeremy was dead. He was literally beat to death by the man that worked so hard in the court system to get his son back in his home and living with him.

Instead of dialing 911, Darren initially called his mother, who had routinely helped him care for Jeremy, and told her what he had done. Darren then took Jeremy’s lifeless body to a medical center and the staff there called authorities. It’s not clear how long Jeremy had been dead before he was taken to the hospital, or what the circumstances were surrounding his arrival.

Jeremy, suffering from several physical ailments, would not stop crying, his father said. The father lost his temper and pounded the boy with closed fists until he stopped breathing.

Jeremy suffered a fracture across the top of the skull, and a smaller one in the back of his head. He also had bruises and cuts on his face and head, including a black eye.

Darren Celentano was charged with his murder and placed on suicide watch. He as found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 6 years in prison.


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  1. Wow 6 years!!! Really???!!! Wtf is wrong with our judges anymore are u kidding me what a joke! U take and beat a baby to death and only get 6 years ,that pos should get the same!

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