BIRTH: April 18, 2006

DEATH: July 22, 2009

Juanita Castleberry- Bess ~ Age 3 ~ Peggy Sue Castleberry

Juanita, 3, and her mother, Peggy Sue Castleberry, 41, James Warren, 66, and Amanda Remmers, 21, were killed in a domestic violence dispute.

Adrian Burks, 37, has been charged with four counts of first-degree premeditated murder in the deaths of Juanita, Peggy Sue, Amanda, and James. Adrian was at one time in a relationship with Amanda and had threatened to kill her and everyone in her home before the actual shootings.

He saw her with another man, attacked the man, and later came back to the house where Juanita was and shot and killed along everyone in the house as he had threatened to do.

Adrian Burks was already being investigated on murder charges of another man he allegedly shot and killed a few months before this shooting occurred.

He is also being investigated in California for the murder of another ex-girlfriend. After he was arrested for the murders of Juanita and 4 others the family of another murdered girl contacted police to tell them that their daughters murder remained unsolved and she had dated Adrian Burks.

Adrian Burks was charged with 4 counts of Capital Murder and faces the death penalty if convicted.


Adrian Burks, person of interest in KCK quadruple homicide

Man Charged With Killing Young Girl and 3 Others

Victim’s family says Adrian Burks had threatened to kill Amanda Remmers and others prior to homicides

Prosecutor may pursue death penalty in Kansas killings

Man to face death penalty in KS Quadruple Murders

Adrian Burks now being investigated in California homicide

FIND A GRAVE ~ Juanita

FIND A GRAVE ~ Peggy Sue


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