BIRTH: December 27, 2007

DEATH: July 8, 2009

Kaylani Rae Marie ~ Age 18 months and Tiffany Cecconi (her mother)

Kaylani, 18 months, and her mother, Tiffany Sue, were drowned in a swimming pool by a long time friend of Tiffany. Tiffany’s mother found the bodies of her daughter and granddaughter in the pool with Andrew Gomez. Tiffany and Andrew had known each other since kindergarten. They were not romantically involved. 

Andrew Gomez was found naked in a pool with the two bodies in a trance-like state. Michael Gomez confessed to drowning both of them after Tiffany didn’t like the way he was holding the toddler in the pool. He said he was using one hand to fight Tiffany in the beginning and then dropped Kaylani to fight her with both hands.

After drowning Tiffany, Gomez says he then stared at Kaylani as she drowned and did not try to help her. He was found face down in the pool and he ingested a large amount of pool water. After Tiffany’s mother found the bodies, Andrew was transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

Andrew Michael Gomez was charged with two counts of murder plead guilty to the charges. He was sentenced to life in prison. 


Friends Identify Man in Arlington Pool Mystery

JSO Still Investigating Pool Deaths

Man Found at Arlington Pool Booked on Two Counts of Murder

Man Charged with Murder of Mother & Baby at Arlington Pool

Suspect in Arlington Pool Murders Appears in Court

Andrew Gomez Pleads Guilty in Deaths

Andrew Gomez Sentenced to Life in Prison

Memorials to be Held for Arlington Pool Victims

Funeral Held for Tiffany and Kaylani

FIND A GRAVE ~ Kaylani

FIND A GRAVE ~ Tiffany


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