Liliana Rios-Casas ~ Age 10 ~ Katherinne Rios ~ Age 4 ~ Thannya Rios ~ Age 20 months


Lilianna Karen Casas-Rios

BIRTH: 1995

DEATH: December 13, 2005


Katherinne G. Rios

BIRTH: 2001

DEATH: December 13, 2005


Thannya Karoline Rios

BIRTH: April, 2004

DEATH: December 13, 2005


Lilianna, 10, Katherinne, 4, Thannya, 20 months, were killed along with their mother, Ana Casas, in their home.

Simon Rios was arrest for the murders of his wife and three daughters. He murdered his family after he and his wife argued over household chores.

When police arrived Rios told them that he and his wife had argued about him doing household chores so he struck her with a pipe on her head, strangled her and then strangled their three children. Police found the four bodies lying on the bed where Simon Rios had positioned them. Simon Rios was arrested and charged with the murder of his family.

Autopsies showed the girls were all been strangled. Their mother died of a blow to the head from a steel pipe and strangled.

While incarcerated in the County Jail, Simon Rios indicated to authorities that he knew where they could find the body of the then missing 10-year-old Alejandra Gutierrez. As it turns out Alejandra had been a classmate of his daughter the previous year and the bus stop was two houses from the Simon Rios and his family’s home.

Simon eventually told authorities that he and seventeen-year-old Juan Rosales dragged Alejandra into his van. Juan Rosales raped Alejandra, and then he raped her. They eventually dumped her body in a remote location in another county. Her body was located based on the information given to authorities by Simon.

Simon Rios to plead guilty to murdering his wife and children in exchange for life in prison.

Simon Rios already struck a plea deal with Delaware County prosecutors earlier this year sparing him the death penalty for the rape and murder of 10-year-old Alejandra Gutierrez in December 2005. Part of the reason Delaware County agreed to the plea deal was because the Gutierrez family did not want to have to go through the pain of the trial. The other reason was that Delaware County prosecutors were under the impression that Allen County was going to seek the death penalty.

He was sentenced to 4 life terms in prison without the possibility of parole.

In 2008, Simon Rios committed suicide by hanging himself in prison.


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FIND A GRAVE ~ Liliana

FIND A GRAVE ~ Katherinne

FIND A GRAVE ~ Thannya


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