BIRTH: May 8, 2007

DEATH: September 5, 2009

Mason William Carter ~ Age 2

Mason, 2, was murdered along with his father, Dennis Carter Jr. and grandmother, Donna Carter in what is being called a murder-suicide committed by his grandfather. Mason’s pregnant mother, Amber Carter, was also shot and gave birth to a healthy little girl, Aubrey Marie, later that day 3 months early. Amber survived the attack. Another 16-month-old boy was in the house during the shootings but was not hurt, the relationship is unknown.

Authorities were called to the home where shots had been fired. Donna Carter, 49, and Dennis Carter Jr., 26, were dead inside. Dennis Carter Jr.’s wife, Amber Carter, was badly hurt and their son, Mason Carter, 2, was  found dead outside the house. Dennis Carter Sr. about 20 minutes after the shootings driving on a highway. When they tried to pull him over, he shot and killed himself.

It appeared to be the culmination of a stormy relationship between Dennis Sr. and his wife, Donna. He’d been arrested three times this year for violating a protection order and domestic abuse. Records from the Livingston Parish Detention Center show that Dennis Carter Sr., had been jailed on three separate occasions in 2009 alone, on three separate charges of violation of a protective order and one charge of aggravated assault (domestic).

Dennis Carter’s murder spree could have been stopped, possibly — if only his son knew what his dad was about to do. Livingston Parish deputies say David Sr.’s son Devin received a threatening call from his dad the day before the massacre. Devin filed a complaint with the sheriff’s office, and a deputy told him about the procedures he would need to do to have his father arrested. But Devin had yet to finish the process by the next day, when his Dennis Sr. went on his rampage.


Man shoots 4 family members, then himself

Dennis Carter Sr. Slaughters Wife, Son, Grandson, Then Kills Himself

2-year-old, 3 Others Dead in La. Murder-Suicide






  1. Hello, I am Amber Carter… Mason’s mother. First of all, I would like to thank whomever added my son to this site, as I always want his memory to stay alive. I speak of him, his father and grandmother, and of the shooting all the time. I want people to be aware of the severity of domestic violence and what it can lead to.
    I would like to make a few corrections to the above article…. Dennis Sr’s son Devin did receive a voicemail message from his father the night before the shooting, however the message was not considered a direct threat and Devin was told by deputies that he could file a “harassment complaint” against his father on Monday when the courthouse was open. (The voicemail was received on Friday, Sept 4 when the courthouse was closed.) There was nothing Devin could have done differently that would have stopped his father.
    A few corrections about my daughter, Aubrey….The shooting occurred around 10:30 Saturday night and Aubrey was taken by emergency cesarean section the next morning. She was not born “healthy” at all. Aubrey was three months premature, had two holes in her heart (one of which requiring surgery) and she remained in the NICU at Children’s Hospital for five months before weighing enough to come home.
    As for myself, I did survive the shooting but just barely. My only way of escape from my father-in-law that night was out of Mason’s second-story bedroom window. Before I could jump out with Mason on my hip, Dennis Sr shot me nine times with a .22 pistol (five times to my leg, and four times to my side and back) He also shot Mason four times. When I landed on the sidewalk below i shattered my left arm, broke several vertebrae and my spinal cord was partially severed, leaving me paralyzed from the waist down. As I performed CPR on Mason, my father-in-law Dennis Sr exited the house and shot me in the back with a sawed-off 12 gauge shotgun. I pretended to be dead until he drove away, then screamed for help. Neighbors arrived and helped me call 911. One of Mason’s gunshot wounds was to a major artery, so he passed away quickly and painlessly. He was never scared. I thank God that I was there to hold him while he took his last breath and he didn’t die alone. I was able to hold him close, tell him everything would be okay, and tell him the exact same thing I’d told him every night before he fell asleep… “Mommy loves you right up to the moon and back.”
    As for myself, I’ve progressed from being paralyzed, to using a motorized wheelchair, a manual chair, walker, crutches, and now (Five yrs later) I can walk with a cane. I still have severe nerve damage from the knees down, as well as in my arm.
    It has been a very long hard road, and I am still working hard to improve, but I have yet to tell you the best news…. That little baby girl who was born three months early with two holes in her heart turned five yrs old this September and she is absolutely perfect! Aubrey has no injuries, disease, or disabilities. She is my angel on earth, my reason for getting up each day, even though some days may feel unbearable. Any mother who has lost a child will tell you it is sometimes painful even to simply take a breath, but Aubrey is certainly a miracle who can brighten anyone’s day.
    Of course, as Aubrey gets older I will have to tell her what happened to her family, how their lives were stolen too soon. So far, all she knows is that her daddy, her big brother, and her maw maw are in Heaven with Jesus and the angels. We have pictures of them everywhere and talk about them all the time.
    Thank you very much for reading my words, as they mean very much to me.

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