BIRTH: December 19, 2007

DEATH: October 4, 2010

Micah Ray Ignacio Castillo ~ Age 2

Micah, 2, was murdered by the girlfriend of his father, Ray Gifford, III.

Micah was caught in the middle of an argument between his father, Ray Gifford, III and Snow Jimenez, his girlfriend. During the argument Snow got upset with the way Ray was treating her and pushed Micah into the armrest of a chair and caused so much damage he died.

A 9-1-1 call was made about a child that was unresponsive. Snow told the 9-1-1 dispatcher he had fallen off of a ramp on the front porch. Micah was rushed to the hospital was pronounced dead a short time later. His body has been taken for an autopsy. Micah had significant bruising to many areas of his body and blunt force trauma to his abdomen, none of which were consistent with falling.

During the trial, Ray Gifford, III, was brought into court to testify about the death of his son Micah. After taking the stand, he invoked his fifth amendment rights and did not answer any questions.

The investigator on the case was then called to testify, and he recalled conversations with Snow Jimenez after the Micah’s death. According to the investigator, Snow said that she didn’t mean to kill him, saying she lost her temper because Ray Gifford was abusing her.

His father, Ray Gifford, III was arrested on scene, and charged with injury to the child, drug possession, and domestic violence. She was arrested and charged with felony murder. His father remained in jail on domestic violence and drug charges.

Snow Jimenez was found guilty of felony murder and sentenced to maximum amount of time allowed, 99 years in prison.


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A Mother Cries Out for Justice

Woman Found Guilty Of Murder Of Boyfriend’s 2-Year-Old Son

Loved Ones React To Guilty Verdict In Anson Murder Trial

Mother Of Murdered Infant Reacts To Maximum Punishment For Jimenez




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