BIRTH: March 31, 2008

DEATH: February 19, 2010

Danika Leighton Charles ~ Age 22 months

Danika, 22 months, was murdered at the hands of her mother, Jessica Charles.

Jessica said she put her daughter to Danika to bed and she was breathing fine. She told the 9-1-1 dispatcher that she went to get her out of the bed and she wasn’t breathing, turning purple, had bruises all over, and looked as she had been beaten. As the paramedics were on their way to her house, she started CPR on Danika with the instructions from the 9-1-1 dispatcher.

After being rushed to the hospital, Danika was pronounced dead on arrival. An autopsy preformed found she died of blunt force trauma to her head, chest, abdomen, legs and arms. It also showed she had broken bones, a detached aorta, a liver laceration and multiple bruises all over her body. She bore knuckle marks, and her hair had been pulled with such force that she had a large hematoma on the top of her head.

After Danika passed away her mother, Jessica, had this to say, “I’d never ever hurt my kids, anybody that knows me knows that I’d never hurt my children.

Jessica said her daughter had been in and out of the hospital for more than 3 weeks, with what she says were unexplained sores, hair-loss, and bruising. She had a bruise on her head that, she said, doctors couldn’t explain or give answers for. She also stated Danika had just returned from a hospital stay when she stopped breathing and died.

 A month after the investigation into Danika’s death, Jessica Charles, her mother was arrested and charged in the beating death of her daughter. She was arrested and booked on murder charges after a grand jury indictment. Jessica Charles is still awaiting trail in the beating death of her daughter, Danika. May justice be served soon.


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