BIRTH: March 2, 2008

DEATH: September 17, 2009

LaKaylee J Chambers ~ Age 18 months

LaKaylee, 18 month, was murdered at the hands of her father, David Chambers, while her mother, LaShea Chambers, was at work.

On September 15, 2009 a 9-1-1 call went out to a child that was unresponsive and EMT’s arrived to find LaKaylee unconscious. They rushed her to the hospital where she was taken off life support two days later. Her father, David, was arrested while setting in the hospital with LaKaylee, before she passed away, for child endangering. The charges were later upgraded to two counts of murder.

After LaKaylee passed away her father admitted to shaking her so hard her head hit the floor in an efforts of trying to revive her. He said he found LaKaylee at the bottom of the stairs, with her eyes opened. He thought she was faking injuries and it wasn’t until he saw her eyes close that he knew something was wrong with her. He blamed the fall on a seizure.

After LaKaylee arrived at the hospital it was clear that her injures didn’t occur during a fall. It was determined through an autopsy that her cause of death was traumatic brain injury due to blunt head trauma. It was also noted that LaKaylee had old and new bruising on her body, and mostly on her face and eyes. The white of one of her eyes was solid red from a blown pupil.

From testimony in court it became clear that Lakaylee upset her father. He became upset and enraged because he had to stop playing his video game to change her diaper and give her a cup of milk. In his anger he shook LaKaylee so hard he caused her to hit her head on the floor. Once he realized she was seriously hurt he went to a neighbor in the hopes she could help. She told David to call 9-1-1.

(It amazes me how many people go to neighbors in the hopes they can preform miracles so they aren’t caught for harming and possibly murdering a child. If you can’t get them to breathing, call 9-1-1 right then. Those seconds count. You’re future in prison is already written in stone, now get the child help and stop thinking about yourself; FOR ONCE!)

From court records, and testimony during the trial, CPS wasn’t an unknown service to this family. Domestic charges had been brought before and police sent to the house on a few occasions. LaKaylee had even been taken out of the home and then placed back before she died of child abuse.

David Chambers was charged with two counts of murder and found guilty. He was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.


Child Dies, Father Jailed

Adams Co. Toddler Dies From Injuries; Father Charged

Adams Grand Jury Indicts Chambers

Chambers Trial Begins Following Delayed Jury Selection

Jury Sequestered in Chambers Trial

Chambers Found Guilty of Murder

Father Convicted In Toddler Daughter’s Death

Chambers’ Murder Conviction Motivated by Justice

Father Sentenced For Killing Daughter

LaKaylee J. Chambers Obituary

Slain Toddler Mourned, Funeral Planned




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